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Is it Time to Replace Your Current Mattress?

There are indicators that can tell you if you need to replace your mattress or not. These are the things, before you decide to visit mattress firm Cinco Ranch  for  a change of mattress, you need to find out if:

1.      Your mattress is over 8 to 10 years

2.      Your mattress has a sag of over 1 inch or the mattress does not respond making your body to be permanently engraved in the bed.

3.      Waking up you feel pains and restlessness as if you didn’t have enough night’s sleep. At night you keep on tossing and turning.

When you are shopping at mattress firm Cinco Ranch,  you might notice that, there are various types of mattresses to choose from. The construction and materials of the mattress might make you find it hard to choose the best one for yourself. The mattresses you get can be classified in any of the three categories namely:


1.      Foam mattresses

There are various types of foam mattresses that you can easily find out there. The truth is that, most foam beds are capable of being broken down into three main sub-categories: memory foam, latex, and proprietary foam.


They might be good for:

·         Limiting motion transfer in a good way

·         Offer comfortable foam feel

·         Offer pressure relief for shoulders, hips and other body parts

They might be negative for:

·         Retaining heat which is true about memory foam

·         The edge foam is average

·         Latex types can be damn expensive especially if you are on a tight budget

·         Some of the memory foam mattresses makes you feel as if  you are stuck in the mud.



2.      Hybrid and spring mattresses:

An innerspring mattress from mattress firm Cinco Ranch has several springs or layers of coils which are responsible for the support system offered by the bed. For hybrid mattresses, they are a combination of foam or any other material together with coils.

This type of mattresses might be good for:

·         Being responsive

·         Having bi-directional support

·         Lots of bounce

·         Edge support that is solid

On the negative, they might

·         Not have limit motion transfer like all foam beds due to the bounce

·         Doesn’t offer pressure relief



3.      Unique/patented mattresses

This are the purple mattresses which are unique as they utilize the patented material which is referred to as hyper-elastic polymer. It is a material which was invented by the founder of Purple and has been able to be used in other industries apart from the bedding industry.